Gsoc 2016

XMPP-IoT is part of Google summer of code 2016

Interoperability testtool for IoT is a project within XMPP that is part of the google summer of code 2016 This years XMPP-IoT project will focus on creating an interoperabilty testing environment for XMPP based distributed devices pretty much the same idea as on You will add a JID to testtool and it will perform a number of Interoperabilty tests to se what capabilities the device has.

getting started:

Teaser tasks for 2016

Below you find the teaser tasks for 2016 Mentor for the projekt is Joachim Lindborg and is reachable at


  • teaser tasks should be tested and ran on your own environment before sen in with pullrequest
  • Change this page with a pullrequest when you have done a tesertask so others can focus on the other ones
  • Keep Joachim Lindborg in the loop when you choose a task
  • Feel free to come with your own suggestions of a teaser task encouraged

Getting started

Go through this site and and of course to get the idea of what Internet of Things is and how XMPP is a good fit for that. Then look at the Tutorials and the documentation on SleekXMPP. A good thing to go further is also to look at the extensions especially xep323 and xep325


1. Logging data in a database

One of the crucial things in IoT is storing data you should extend the History logger script with possibilty to store the data in a database either locally or on a remote system. Do the work in a plugin fashion so it will be easy to extend with other database api’s in the future. Also create a tutorial on this site to show how it works. ex database could be

[ ]Done by:

2. XMPP-IoT’ifying a device

in the example catalog you find an example on extending the PhilipsHue gateway so it can be used over the XMPP-IoT network. Find another API based IoT device or system and extend it so it can be accessed over the XMPP network. some ideas:

[ ] Done by:

[ ] Done by:

[ ]Add your own thing Done by:

3. Make a script querying another devcie’s capabilities

XEP 0030 Disco is a way in XMPP to discover another XMPP enpoint’s capabiilties. Create a script in the example catalog catalog that query another JID for it capabilities and list’s the IoT realted Xep’s it supports in a nice fashion prefrably creating a nice markdown page.

[ ]Done by:

Last year Google summer of code 2015

Last years project is kept here as a reference google summer of code 2015. The project created a gui and a cordova application that you can use for this summers work.

Deliverables * IoT Protocols implementation for XMPP Chat Client Converse.Js * Cross Platform Mobile Application for Sensoring and Controlling of Data sent or received by Devices * History Logger for Sensor Devices

Week 12

Creating a History logger instans using a separate xmpp JID resource

Project Ideas

The XMPP community is part of the Google summer of Code 2015 and for XMPP-IoT we have several projects