Week 12


History Logger for Sensor Devices


Storing momentary data for Sensor Devices by a node that sends back History data stored by the Logger.


  • Implementing IoT_Logger.py for SleekXMPP, which is basically an API for storing and Rerieving of Momentary Data collected from other resource of same device.
  • Implementing IoT_HistoryLogger.py for SleekXMPP:
    • It registers a new resource of the same device whose data is to be stored.
    • Sends a read request to the original device at regular intervals and stores the values using above mentioned API.
    • Recieves messages and respond back with history on receiving a history request by getting back data using the above mentioned API.
  • Also did a few changes to XEP-0323 Plugin of SleekXMPP for History Messages.

##Results Logger

GSoC Final Evaluation

With this I conclude the modules made in ‘Prototyping IoT Tools’ Project for GSoC 2015. Will focus a little on Code Clean up and tutorials for the same.