>10 years scalability and security

Takes the advantage of more than 10 years of profound scalability and security tests. There are massive amounts of servers and millions of users across the planet. That has run XMPP over many years. As from spring 2014 no public servers may run unencrypted

Truly open in all aspects

XMPP is an open community based IoT standard. No proprietary groups or memberships needed everything is on the XSF foundation site. There is only one point where changes are done

Every language

Software is available in any programming language, Servers, clients, toolkits even browser implementations. This makes it not only an easy start but also a future proof solution

Federation between businesses

Federation between servers is core functionality, gives you ability to share your systems and businessmodels with others without creating yet another REST api. Only hook up certificates and your business domain can talk to other companies anywhere on internet.