Week 9


VCard, CSS Changes and Read Implementation for Mobile Application


VCard stores the information of a User which is retrieved at the time when the roster is recieved. And Implement Read for Sensor Devices.


  • We use the NickName and Image from the VCard for the Contacts View.
  • Bug Fix for Login Form Removal after the connection has been established.
  • CSS Changes for the Views.
  • Add Dynamic Event Listener for Tap on Contacts to send a Read Request.
  • Display Read Values as a Dropdown to the Device in the Contacts View.

##Problems Faced

  • (Solved) Dynamic Event Handler was not working when using jQuery on(‘tap’) function. The problem was with the older version of jQuery, replacing it with the latest version solved the problem.

##Final Output

Login View Retrieved Contacts VCard Display Read Values of a Device

##Road Ahead

  • Implement Write and History using a Graph Library.
  • CSS changes for Read Values.
  • Some functionality changes for adding contacts to Contacts View.