Project Ideas

The XMPP community is part of the Google summer of Code 2015 and for XMPP-IoT we have several projects

#What is this XMPP-IoT There are many solutions how to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to internet, to create services and interesting applications. on this site you find an introduction to how we mimic the world of people chatting to enable any device to any device interoperability. Supporting all usecases that IoT needs. Especially the possibility to be a way for companies to interact through federation.

The projects are:

The third IoT realted project is maintained by Process one

You can also propose others if you have an idea. post it to the chat room or mailing list

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##Teaser tasks for prototyping tools

To be able to quickly startup any project you need to have prototyping tools. Using python and javascript in combination gives you a very quick start on almost any device

  • Run the sample scripts under the Tutorials And propose better ones to understand the concepts.
  • Create a python script “makingfriends” to manage friendship subscriptions between devices when you need several JID’s to be able to talk to each other.
  • Build a one to many chat room example of a device sending values to many devices in a MUC chatroom using XEP323 message stanzas
  • Look at the scripts avaliable in the SleekXMPP IoT examples especially the PhilipsHue. Create a mapping to another open API for a device.

##Teaser tasks for openHAB

OpenHAB is an opensoruce project acting as a control environment for a smart home bridging between many different physical protocols.

  • start an OpenHAB instance and trigger the XMPP module to send a plain chat message ex “Toggle” or “relay=True”. This can be sent to another OpenHAB instance recieving the message and acting on it’s local variables. It can also be sent to the python script in the tutorial triggering a relay to “Toggle”.

  • Implement a first SMACK-extension for the XEP323 basic stanzas. First a read request. Smack extensions some more info Smack docs

This is maintained by Joachim Lindborg member of the XMPP Extensions Foundation