Week 2


Identifying Devices and Extending Client to all WebPages


ConverseJs is a Chat Client that uses XMPP standards. We need to extend its support to XEP-0323 and XEP-0325 standards, so that the client can distinguish between friends and devices.


  • Extended Chat Client to all Pages.
  • Instantiated our own BOSH Server at ‘http://jabber.sust.se/xmpp-httpbind/’.
  • Made a Script that uses XEP-0323 and XEP-0325 to distinguish between devices by sending a Disco Query.
  • This is the Sequence Diagram for a Successful IoT-Sensor Data Request. Successful IoT-Sensor Data Request

##Road Ahead

  • Set up a Different Tab for Devices which can read and write values to it.
  • Creating IoT Device APIs for Devices like intel edison, intel galileo, raspberry PI 2, beagle bone black, etc.