Week 8


Login and Contact Retrieval using Strophe for Mobile Application


Implementation of Mobile Application (Login, Roster and Presence).


  • Related Info : https://github.com/alexstrat/PhoneGap-XMPPplugin-Android/
  • Tested Strophe Login using a hardcoded Script to connect to the BOSH Server with fixed Login Details.
  • Made a View for Login to enter Username and Password.
  • Problem : Login Form does not remove after Login is Successful.
  • Contacts Retrieved are displayed as Jid under the login Form.

##Problems Faced and Bugs

  • Bug : Login Form not removing.
  • Presence only received for one Device (Solved) : Occupied with this problem for quiet some time. Realized later that Handler needs to return true, otherwise they work only once.

##Final Output

Login View Retrieved Contacts Display

##Road Ahead

  • Retrieve VCard, Bug Fixes, Implement Read, CSS Changes.