Week 5


Write and History Requests


Write Request is sent to a Device JID to set a Field to a particular Numeric Value , for instance Relay of a Device, or “hue” of Philips Hue can be changed through a write command.

History Request is sent to a Device with a FieldName so as to read its values over a period of time.

This Week we will use Write to set numeric values to Device Fields and History to get Values of a Field over a period of time from a Device.


  • Send a hardcoded Write Query to a Device and set a Field Value to a particular Value.
  • Extend sending Write Query from hardcoded to a command ‘/write FieldName Value’ that can be sent to a device using ChatBox.
  • Send a hardcoded History Query to a Device and get Values of Field over a particular period of Time.

##Problems Faced and Work Arounds

####History Command not receiving any messages.

  • We tried sending various hardcoded History Queries to the Devices but they were not responding to the History Request.

##Final Output Write Requests Step-1 Write Requests Step-2 Write Requests Step-3

##Road Ahead

  • We will complete implementing History and use ChartJs to Visualize the History in the form of a Line Graph.