Week 4


Read Requests


Read Request is sent to a Device JID to retrieve Numeric Values from them, for instance Temperature related Values from a Temperature Sensor Device. This Week we will use it to retrieve numeric values from Devices and get them displayed in ChatBoxes.


  • Send a hardcoded Read Query to a Device and retrieve its values in the console.
  • Extend sending Read Query from hardcoded to a command ‘/read’ that can be sent to a device using ChatBox.
  • Parse the message coming back from the Device to Display the Name and Value of Device in ChatBox.

##Problems Faced and Work Arounds

####Inputs for Read Request

  • There was a similar problem to that of Disco Query, we were not sending resources when we began, and the device sent back an Error IQ which was resolved as soon as we figured out the same for Disco Query.

##Final Output

Read Requests

##Road Ahead

  • We will implement Write and write an API for Raspberry Pi 2 in JavaScript for next week.