IEA Cordova Application

This tutorial is regarding using IEA Cordova Mobile Application, which can be used to read values and write values to devices, and also retrieve history of fields.

Getting Started

  • You need to install the application to your android device using latest apk file.
  • Home page looks like this :

Login View

Start with logging into an XMPP account

  • Login with any xmpp account. Online contacts along with the details of device, will be displayed for the contacts like this:

Retrieved Contacts VCard Display

Reading Values from a Device

  • Clicking on a device contact will perform a Read Operation, the fields stored in the device along with their value will appear as a drop down for the contact:

Read Values of a Device

Writing Value to a Field

  • If a field is writable, we can edit its value and tap the ‘write’ button, to send a write to a field request to the device:

Write for App

History Retrieval for a Field

  • If a field stores history of its values, tapping on the ‘fieldname’ will generate a graph based on the history of its values:

History Graph 1 History Graph 2

Hope you like playing around with it :)

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