Hiding legacy systems

When talking to a peer you can assume it is a device or thing with node’s and fields. But behind that device there could be a whole legacy system. What if the peer you are talking metering@utility.com is a big system of thousands of devices with many fields.

XMPP-IoT give you the possibility to model your world in different ways we have talked of Nodes and Fields and that a device can have a flat level with many nodes with fields.

The XMPP-IoT extension XEP-326 Concentrators makes it possible to extend this with the possibility to describe any hiearchy physical and or logical.

This makes it possible for a peer to investigate another peer and learn about the hiearchy of nodes and fields.

##example hiding a legacy modbus system

Modbus is a communication bus used in many industrial systems.

pic on the setup

We now model every device on the Modbus bus as a separate Node with Fields under a Datasource called Modbus