XMPP-IoT an open standard for the internet of things.

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By signing this page. We as an individual or organisation support:

  • The open, interoperable and secure infrastructure made possible by the use of XMPP.
  • The open standardization process for Internet of Things over XMPP.
  • The globally scalable nature of federated XMPP networks to many billions of devices.
  • Encryption of communication at all levels, including end-to-end encryption, as provided by XMPP.
  • The possibility to provide globally unique identities to all devices using XMPP.
  • The use of authentication, authorization and provisioning of access to devices and their data.
  • Real-time communication with all types of devices at all times.


Logo Name Description
Cytiot Advanced IoT company active in UPnP forum and certified by department of defense, heavily using XMPP as infrastructure
IoTfy Startup from India commited to creating an open federated plattform with no coding need.
Clayster Clayster is the main initiator and Peter Waher is the main author of the XMPP extensions. Clayster has launched an XMPP server (Tigase) with IoT Provisioning. Thingk is open and free for developer who wants to connect their devices to a none proprietary “Device Cloud”.
logo Sustainable Innovation Sustainable innovation created a large State funded Swedish project using an XMPP IoT infrastructure to bridge the business models to create Intelligent Energy Services regardless of the smarthome silos installed.
logo ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 XMPP INFC WG The IEEE intitaive tying the XMPP-IoT initiative into the IEEE standards structure
logo KTC AB Swedish company. We are using the XMPP to create an open infrastructure for builing control systems.
logo ISMB Italian private research center in the ICT field, which gained valuable experience in the XMPP protocol usage in the IoT scenario, deploying it in several regional and European funded project.


Name Description
Peter Waher IoT architect, advisor & author. Working with the XSF, and other standards bodies, writing extensions and standards for IoT.
Joachim Lindborg XMPP IoT entusiast doing this and much more, really like the intiative. Working in the standards process through the XSF
Markus Kohlhase Software engineer (freelancer) using XMPP within automotion projects.
Steffen Larsen XSF member and XMPP evangalist, that is doing stuff with TV, mobiles, set-top boxes, and home automation. All from second screen, to object sharing etc. Will be implementing and testing the IoT standards on clients.
Davide Conzon Software engineer working as researcher in the IoT field, using XMPP as communication framework in several research activities and author of IoT-XMPP related scientific publications.

This is maintained by Joachim Lindborg member of the XMPP Standards Foundation